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Friday, October 30, 2009

How Do Tweeters Market Their Presence on Twitter?

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How do Tweeters market their presence on Twitter? First, whenever the opportunity arises always promote your Twitter account; on websites, blogs and other forms of Web presence, always display a follow me link to your Twitter account.

There are all kinds of buttons, blidgets and widgets freely available for use on your website or blog that will help you promote your Twitter account to other Twitterers. Adding "Tweet This" and "Retweet" buttons is another effective way to promote your presence on Twitter.

Have you ever checked out the "Goodies" on There are special treats for those that scroll to the bottom of the page. The Twitter Goodies page is your pathway to Twitter Widgets and Twitter Applications.

There were three categories of Twitter Goodies; widgets and applications for My Website, Facebook and MySpace. Before hooking up a widget or an application for connectivity to another site, make things easier by logging on at both sites before starting the installation.

We installed the Twitter for Facebook application, which was surprisingly simple to install and use. You know what we mean if you have experience configuring Facebook widgets and applications; things either work right the first time, or you end up treading through one help screen after another only to find out that you failed to read the instructions thoroughly enough in the first place.

Twitter applications let you send and receive Twitter updates, and they come in all kinds of attractive styles to dress up your website or blog. We did notice that on their applications page, Twitter provides the following disclaimer: "These applications were built by third-parties, not Twitter, Inc. Twitter does not provide support for these applications."

Not too worry, most of these offerings have been around awhile and work fine on most sites. As a source for more Twitter applications, Twitter suggests Twitter Fan Wiki "hosted and secured" by PBWorks.

Takeaway - The Twitter Fan Wiki site offers links to even more Twitter applications; Twitter applications for advertising, analytics, browser plugins and extensions, directories, creating drawings, entertainment, games . . . Hey, check it out -- Twitter Fan Wiki applications.

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