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Thursday, October 29, 2009

MyBlogLog a Yahoo! Service

Join MyBlogLog

Ron aka LANWANMAN invites you to join MyBlogLog.

A little MyBlogLog background. . . .

Discover something new or cool each day. Find sites that are unique to your interests; be that "you'll never guess what I found on the Internet" person.

Learn more about the people who publish your favorite sites. What do they read? Who else reads them?

Connect with people who read the same sites as you, make the World Wide Web a little smaller and more connected.

LANWANMAN thinks MyBlogLog is so great that he has taken the time to let you know about it. Come check it out. If you've got a Yahoo! account, you're already half-way there. Join LANWANMAN! Check out to learn more.

Ron aka LanWanMan, Ocala, Florida USA

MyBlogLog - not just for bloggers anymore.
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